Read the I95 Business article with Ethan Kazi, CEO of The Canton Group

Ethan Kazi, founder and CEO of The Canton Group, sat down with I95 Business to talk about how we empower state and local government agencies to modernize and digitally transform through creative automation and machine learning. There are numerous ways that digital robots can assist and become an impactful resources for an agency. From streamlining business processes to eliminating errors and repetitive tasks, there are countless ways to apply this technology. Once agencies see the tangible benefits of this technology it will encourage growth in this area. 

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Currently many government agencies face roadblocks, such as the lack of funding and available staff. Many organizations are tied to using legacy technology but there is hope in sight for many!

The new Cybersecurity Grant Program from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) will assist eligible agencies in dealing with such challenges. The Canton Group is prepared to assist any state, local, and territorial government agencies in determining how automation and machine learning can help modernize and secure your organization's infrastructure.

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