ShieldsUp government program is forcing companies to prioritize cybersecurity
The Bare Minimum: What You Should At Least Be Doing Currently To Reinforce Your Company's Cyber Defenses - As a result of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the U.S. Government has created the “Shields Up” program and call to action, urging all American businesses to review... Read More →
USAID OIG, supporting America's foreign policy, focusing on international development and disaster relief
Modernizing the USAID OIG Drupal website experience to improve the dissemination and visibility of work for their target audiences through redesigning/optimizing the user interface, content restructuring and adhering to federal compliance guidelines for security and section 508... Read More →
The Importance of Cybersecurity - Modernize and Secure your applications with The Canton Group
Rapid advancement in technology as well as outdated and legacy systems are all potential opportunities for cybercriminals. It is more important than ever for organizations to invest in secure, scalable, and relevant software. When an organization commits to flexibility and... Read More →
Ethan Kazi talks how The Canton Group is working towards more modern and secure voter registration and election management systems
Ethan Kazi, CEO of The Canton Group discusses our dedication to ensuring that voter registration and election management systems are secure, robust and reliable for the American public. Our team of engineers, technologists, and elections specialists has partnered with state and... Read More →
How To Navigate The Federal Information Systems Vulnerability Patching Directive
The Biden Administration, through the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a directive which applies to all software and hardware found on federal information systems managed on agency premises or hosted by third parties on an agency’s behalf.... Read More →
The Importance of Modern and Secure Voter Registration and Election Management Systems
Many Voter Registration Systems are built on aging technology platforms which need to upgrades and improvements to securing data, accessing important voter information, and better usability of the systems to provide voters more confidence when they cast their ballots for local,... Read More →
RPA's Impact on Improving Efficiency
The Maryland Ethics Commission experienced over a 95% increase in effectiveness in completing their auditing workflow, taking what once would take nearly a year to complete manually down to less than a week with artificial intelligence, proving its significance even during the... Read More →
Low Code & Robotic Process Automation
In today’s world digital transformation is a necessary part for every business to serve their customers and employees in a more efficient and meaningful way. The transformation of older applications into a modern platform can be a challenging, timely, and expensive process.... Read More →
The U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General (DOT OIG) sought the services of The Canton Group to redesign and implement an industry leading best practices website
As the pioneers of the OIG Recommendations Dashboard we improved the DOT OIG Recommendations and Reports user experience, providing filtering and searching options and allowing users to export the filtered results. We also streamlined how DOT Admins import new data to the system... Read More →
Migrating Drupal 7 or 8 to Drupal 9
The fundamental technologies driving Drupal have not changed. It still runs on the PHP programming language, uses a MySQL database, and is Open Source. But a significant improvement comes with the implementation of Drupal 9 in the form of the way it renders HTML. It now uses a... Read More →
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