Developer writing quality code on computer screen
The Executive Summary Series: Craftsmanship Most people are familiar with the term Quality Assurance (QA) as it relates to software development. There is another term related to quality that is probably not as familiar to most software professionals. The term is “Structural Code Quality.” While... Read More →
Empowering call center employees to execute tasks and improve staff retention
In order to establish strong relationships with potential and current customers, it is essential for contact centers to resolve inbound calls in a timely manner. This touchpoint is of utmost importance in securing an excellent first impression with a potential client or nurturing a current customer... Read More →
Robotic Process Automation journey as easy as 1-2-3
In slow-moving bureaucratic organizations, few would argue that tasks are often mundane, efficiency is wanting and, in order to improve productivity, change is required. Yet that change never seems to take place. Leadership comes and goes, and the problems remain the same. Perhaps under the guise... Read More →
Team working together on website to support sales efforts
While most organizations recognize websites should provide detailed information surrounding services and answer business-related questions, many struggle to implement a website that converts. Your website is the face of your organization. A robust website meets revenue growth objectives, secures... Read More →