The Canton Group making memories at MACo 2018!

We had a great time at The MACo Conference in Ocean City last week!

We made awesome memories with current and former clients, saw some new faces and made great connections all around. Thank you for everyone who stopped by for our LIVE DEMO of our new no-code platform at the TechExpo last Wednesday. It was great to show local and state clients how this platform could help them scale and reduce costs on development project needs.

MACo was a solid gathering of like-minded folks from industry partners, vendors, government officials, non-profits and technology partners in thoughtful discussions on industry challenges and how to better align and help each other out. There were several great educational talks and discussions put together by our friends at Kaiser Permanente, State of Maryland Procurement and several others. With all the vendor booths, talks and discussions - it was a well-rounded week. The organizers at MACo did a great job putting everything together and generating a wonderful event for all involved. Excited for MACo 2019! Hopefully, we will see you there!

More about our Demo

Our platform demo showcased one of our open-source solutions we are pioneering specifically for both state and commercial clients that provide open source (or semi-open source), scalable and maintainable options. This option not only saves clients money from reducing or eliminating licensing costs - it also saves clients time and money on building, changing and maintaining their various sites overtime! During this demo clients were able to easily, code, configure and edit this application in real-time!

If you are interested in scheduling a demo and seeing how it could benefit you for current and future needs - schedule an appointment today!