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The Importance of Cybersecurity

The Importance of Cybersecurity

The Importance of Cybersecurity - Modernize and Secure your applications with The Canton Group

Rapid advancement in technology as well as outdated and legacy systems are all potential opportunities for cybercriminals. It is more important than ever for organizations to invest in secure, scalable, and relevant software. When an organization commits to flexibility and standardized updating policies for technological systems, organizations and individuals achieve better outcomes when integrating data from various sources. This practice allows for timely upgrades or security patches, increases the number of smooth deployments, and establishes an overall website design structure that makes sense from both usability and accessibility perspectives.

Recently, the Biden Administration released a directive through the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) which applies to all software and hardware found on federal information systems (managed on agency premises or offsite by third-party vendors). The directive – to enforce and improve efforts to protect against malicious cyber campaigns – focuses on remediating vulnerabilities as swiftly as possible.

Additionally, CISA oversees the 16 critical infrastructure sectors that are considered so vital to our nation’s ability to function. Any weakening or dismantling of that infrastructure would be a debilitating event impacting our security, national economic security, or national public health or safety. The federal government’s national policy to strengthen, secure, and maintain resilient critical infrastructure is written under Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21): Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience. Agencies that work to further protect and serve these critical infrastructure sectors may be more at risk for cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is always critical, especially as technology rapidly changes.

worldwide government websites use Drupal
of the top 10,000 websites use Drupal
Drupal 7 icon graphic
Drupal 7 End of Life - November 2023

56% of the world's Government websites are powered using the Drupal Content Management System. In order to keep these government websites secure, Drupal must have security patches applied quickly upon their release. It is also important to note that Drupal 7 is reaching its end of life date on November 1, 2023 and will no longer be supported. Upgrading to the latest supported version of Drupal is critical to ensuring website security.

More modern systems can protect an organization’s sensitive information and typically provide more efficient business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The technological strain seen with the COVID-19 pandemic amplified the need for modern and secure systems across all industries. If an organization is unable to upgrade its legacy system, it is just as important for a comprehensive strategy to be put in place regarding managing security and business operations.

Next Steps  
The Canton Group has been serving the federal government for over 20 years and has received numerous cybersecurity awards throughout this time. We are proud to have been named, by the Baltimore Business Journal, as one of the top cyber security companies for five years in a row. Let our team of experts guide you through the new directive to ensure that your federal information system is safe, secure, and up-to-date with all documented requirements.

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