Robotic Process Automation journey as easy as 1-2-3

In slow-moving bureaucratic organizations, few would argue that tasks are often mundane, efficiency is wanting and, in order to improve productivity, change is required. Yet that change never seems to take place. Leadership comes and goes, and the problems remain the same. Perhaps under the guise of new organizational names or new programs, however, ultimately, the underlying frustrations still exist.

Transforming your team into a highly functioning organization means change. The question is, how? Thankfully, implementing automation to increase your organization’s overall efficiency can be straightforward and seamless.

1. Start Small

Many directors and managers focus on notable changes that need to occur within an organization, assuming addressing these first will lead to significant success. However, this standard approach frequently results in inaction or lack of movement due to the required change’s enormity.

Knowing where to get started can be daunting. We encourage you to ask three questions to identify opportunities for meaningful, immediate impact.

  1. What are the redundant or repetitive processes?
  2. What tedious manual processes are employees spending valuable time on?
  3. What do employees say is the biggest waste of time in their day?

As the adage goes, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - Confucius.

Identifying opportunities to transform manual processes into digital ones provides the guide towards implementing effective change that impacts the bottom-line and ROI.

If you need support in identifying how automation can benefit your organization in addition to the questions above, we’ve crafted a short test to assess outdated processes within organizations.

Take Our Automation Assessment Test


2. Liberate Your Top Performing Talent

Often overlooked are the pain points within an organization that prevent top-performing employees from being more productive. These often include repetitive manual actions that occur on a day-to-day basis. It’s no secret high-performing employees in every organization implement the majority of productivity. What would happen if you took the top-performing employees and reduced their pain points significantly?

A recent McKinsey study found that in 60% of occupations, at least one-third of the employee’s activities could be automated. Removing repetitive tasks through automation will allow your top-performing employees to not only focus on what is most productive but also increase their contentment in their job.

3. Verify & Address Identified Pain Points

Identifying possible pain points is only as powerful as the verification and action plan to alleviate them. Confusion surrounding next steps after identifying pain points is frequently mentioned in discussions surrounding automation. Below is our guide walking you through the automation journey to verify and deploy intelligent automation to target your organization’s pain points.

Canton Group RPA - Step 1 Determine If RPA Is Right For You
Determine If RPA Is Right For You

Take the RPA Self Assessment to determine if RPA is a good fit for your team and organization.

Canton Group RPA - Step 2 Schedule A Consultation
Schedule A Consultation

Review the results of your assessment with one of our Senior Business Analysts and RPA experts to learn more about how you can utilize this cutting edge technology.

Canton Group RPA - Step 3 Start Your Automation Journey
Start Your Automation Journey

With over 20 years of technology delivery experience, our team will work with you to successfully utilize RPA and start your automation journey.

Canton Group RPA - Step 4 Realize Significant ROI and Continuous Value
Realize Significant ROI and Continuous Value

Leverage the power of RPA to unburden employees from tedious work, allow teams to originate innovative solutions, reduce operational costs, pursue growth, and create real value.

In a day and age where productivity is measured in nanoseconds vs. minutes, automation is the key solution to enhancing efficiency by leaps and bounds. Automation solves redundant processes that take valuable time away from employees in the workforce and accommodate repeatable processes with the ability to scale, significantly increasing ROI.


Implementation of automation in your organization is as easy as 1-2-3.

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