Hurricane Florence landed in Wrightsville Beach, NC with forceful winds reaching 90 mile per hour. Massive amounts of rain, flooding and wind continue to batter the Carolinas this week. Various reports mentioned Hurricane Florence reached a Category 4 with winds sustained at 140 mph! With this compounding weather, there is an increase safety concerns for residents. Deaths, power outages, supply limitations, and support needs are projected to increase throughout the continuation of Hurricane Florence.

If you have ever been through a hurricane or know loved ones who have been - you know it can be a scary and devastating experience. First responders and surrounding communities are banding together to help and aid those in need. We can all do our part and help out in our own ways - The Canton Group is working with employees, vendors, partners, clients and other community members to gather and donate supplies to be delivered to Hurricane Florence victims. Members of our team are driving down supplies to victims in need. If you would like to support the cause, there are many ways you can help! 



"It's been amazing to see the team rally and pull together donations from family, friends, network partners, and whoever! We've all really come together for a great cause - to help families in need who have been affected by Hurricane Florence."  - Ethan Kazi, CEO


Thank you to all of our partners, vendors, clients and employees for coming together and putting forth the time, energy and effort towards helping others!