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The Canton Group Joins Forces With LifeScore in their Battle Against Veteran Mental Illness and Suicide

The Canton Group Joins Forces With LifeScore in their Battle Against Veteran Mental Illness and Suicide

The Canton Group Partners With LifeScore in the Battle Against Veteran Mental Illness and Suicide

Nearly 50 million Americans live with mental illness and an estimated 11.4 million adults are experiencing suicidal ideation1, with suicide as the 12th leading cause of death in the United States2.

The Canton Group has partnered with LifeScore to provide secure access, personalized recommendations, and peer support via a mobile application for those individuals looking to holistically monitor and improve their health.

In 2020 alone, there was a 35% increase in the number of military and veterans who died by suicide. According to the National Library of Medicine, veteran suicide rates are the highest in recorded history.3 With May as both Mental Health Awareness Month and Military Appreciation Month, it is important to highlight how technology can serve as an important part in both informing and facilitating an individual’s access to their own mental health awareness and resources.

“At The Canton Group, we view ourselves as valued partners of our clients – emphasizing collaboration and communication – throughout the entire project lifecycle. By guiding and implementing management best practices, we are empowering LifeScore to focus on the importance of their mission, helping our military and veterans understand and improve their mental health. We are honored to support those who give so much.”

Ethan Kazi - CEO, The Canton Group

LifeScore’s mission follows the concept of establishing a credit score for your life by prioritizing mental health just as much as physical health. Active daily monitoring and personalized recommendations help prompt assessments and activities while highlighting areas with the greatest potential for improvement. LifeScore is determined to eliminate the stigma of mental illness and protect each user’s information. Users may share – and revoke – their information with a group of peers and clinicians of their choice. Establishing a peer network helps build support, encouragement, and accountability that can be accessed with the simple touch of a button.

“The Canton Group has provided outstanding implementation of Agile Project and Product Management foundational elements. Sharing our common values and goals, we’re proud to join forces with The Canton Group as we tackle the creation of a secure and holistic individual health performance improvement tool. Together we can build an accessible network that emphasizes prioritizing and improving mental health while helping to prevent future suicides.”   

John Wordin - CEO, LifeScore

The Canton Group has provided consulting services – focused on Agile Project and Product Management – that have allowed LifeScore to concentrate on their mission: Addressing categories contributing to an individual’s personal resilience with the intent on improving mental health and suicide prevention. We have followed a modified Agile approach to align with LifeScore’s business needs, schedule, and requirements. Our team has additionally provided developmental best practices, shifting the mindset from delivering the end-product to delivering value.

Benefits of adherence to Agile methodology allow for iterative and incremental design and development, frequent stakeholder demonstrations to gather feedback, and ensure security and quality assurance are built into every project phase. This ultimately saves money as rework is kept to a minimum and project schedule milestones are met. The Canton Group looks forward to continuing the partnership with LifeScore as the application widens its availability to the military, veterans, and the public.

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