Robotic Process Automation
How can I benefit?
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With increased speed and accuracy, RPA bots will make you more efficient and effective. Leverage the power of automation.

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With increased efficiency you'll regain time to think, be creative and pursue new ideas. Imagine what you'll achieve.

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Allowing your staff to focus on more meaningful and engaging work makes for a happier and more engaged work force.

Why Should I Choose Canton Group?

Canton Group is a UiPath Silver Partner - logo graphic

The Canton Group is a Silver-Certified Partner with UiPath with 20 years of technology delivery experience.

UiPath has nearly 15 years of experience in the RPA space and have been recognized by many market research companies including Foresster and Gartner as experts in the field. UiPath provides technology, training, and certifications to The Canton Group.

The Canton Group and its staff of certified RPA developers and business analysts are ready to talk to you about potential RPA projects and help you navigate this new and exciting technology.

Contact us and be on the cutting edge of disruption!

How Do I Get Started With RPA?
Learn About RPA

Contact The Canton Group to learn what RPA is and how you can execute repetitive tasks without error for an extended period of time, and at a fraction of the cost of manual operation.

Identify Potential

Find where your team may be performing repetitive "low value" work that can be automated by RPA to let them do more cognitive "high value" work.

Implement Strategy

With AI assistance, your staff can push themselves to be their best versions and create amazing new things to keep your business growing. Unlimited potential with real results.

Learn the Fundamentals of RPA