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Empowering The Public Sector

The missions of over 50 government organizations nationwide have been empowered by The Canton Group’s innovative technologies that transform legacy programs and manual processes into exceptional solutions that achieve critical business and organizational objectives with agility and efficiency.

Redesigned and developed USAID’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) website with ongoing maintenance, operations and FEDRamp hosting services in adherence to the industry’s highest standards and best practices.

A tenured partnership of 10 years supporting the USDOT OIG, including the redesign of its external corporate website to facilitate effective publishing, unpublishing, dissemination, displaying, and sorting of electronic files and reports.

Optimizing the federal agency’s Drupal website through design, development, maintenance, operations, and FEDRamp hosting to increase traffic volume and enhance user engagement.

Developed and supported three applications to support CIGIE activities, including its public-facing website and portal, internal portal and awards and recognition application.

Providing strategic web application and support of the USDA’s National Agricultural Library (NAL), one of four national libraries with a Congressional mandate to serve citizens of the U.S. and serve as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s library.

Partnered closely with the US Social Security Administration CIO and Innovation Office to utilize and implement open source web software to reduce government operating costs and empower its mission.

Implementing Agile development, operations and maintenance of Maryland's MARS application to track subsidized meals and all aspects of the State's nutrition program so as to empower its mission of improving student achievement and providing environments conducive to learning.

Supporting the Governor of New York in fulfilling and executing on his commitment to constituents by repairing and securing New York State's sporting license system.

Architected and developed a data lake solution using Amazon Web Services to securely store the organization’s protected health data in a centralized repository, vastly improving analytics which offer better overall outcomes and lower total cost of ownership.

Partnering with Maryland Judiciary in serving millions of Maryland residents through the design and development of the Maryland Court System's Drupal open source website.

Provided web design, development, support, and hosting to The University of Southern California in order to facilitate a streamlined user experience, optimize its application process and, ultimately, bolster its bottom-line goals.

A tenured partner of over 16 years, The Canton Group has enabled the Maryland Ethics Commission to transition from paper financial disclosure filings to digital and replace manual disclosure reviews with automated AI-powered reviews.

Website design, strategic direction and development for numerous Johns Hopkins University departments and organizations, including the JHU School of Public Health and The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection.

Serving as a trusted and reliable partner of the Maryland State Board of Elections for over 10 years in the areas of Voter Registration system application software maintenance, database maintenance, and Helpdesk support services.

Providing strategic website design, development and hosting for numerous schools and departments within the University of Maryland to streamline its admissions process and support its 90+ programs and specializations.