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Cloud Services

The Canton Group has a deep understanding of what it takes to migrate a system to the Cloud and has ​over 15 years of experience in performing cloud migration for a variety of clients.

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We offer recommendations, solutions, and technical expertise to deliver a migration of a system to the Cloud.

Solid solutions for data storage

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A Cloud migration eliminates the need to maintain and support a physical or on-premises server.

Worry free data storage

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Allows the website to scale dynamically based on utilization.

Economical solutions based on demand

The Canton Group strongly believes in offering the best-in-class solutions to our customers. This carries over into our expertise in cloud migration and helping our customers find the best possible option to securely store their information, protect it, and ensure simplified disaster recovery and backup if necessary.

How Can We Help You?

Migrating your on premises applications built on legacy technology to the cloud can be a very daunting task. Cloud based applications are built differently, and all the major cloud providers have literally hundreds of offerings that can be intimidating to navigate. The Canton Group’s certified solution architects can help you with a migration strategy and help you transform your software solution into a world class application.

Following are the major cloud providers that The Canton Group supports.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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