Analytics & Reporting
Award-winning analytics to monitor, mitigate, predict, and prioritize actionable data for digital transformation.

Analyzing, modeling and interpreting data are key metrics The Canton Group excels when bringing a methodical and logical approach in data analytics allowing our practitioners to accomplish the most demanding tasks while using analytic in the software development process.​​

Continuous website health monitoring - graphic

Evaluation of the network and ​application health to ensure a robust functioning website for our clients.​​​

Continuous website monitoring​

Brand awareness and website traffic - graphic

Drive more targeted consumers to your website through analysis that results in increased awareness and activity.​​​

Build brand awareness​​​

Website and server monitoring to ensure consistently functional web experience - graphic

Reports are used to monitor spikes ensuring that the support needed for the server is reflective of the traffic on your sight. ​

Consistently functional website​

Our skilled team utilizes analytics to support decisions made collectively with our customers. We deliver insights on software evaluations that provide a strong directional focus to provide the best solution for our clients.​​​

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