The U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General (DOT OIG) sought the services of The Canton Group to redesign and implement an industry leading best practices website

The Canton Group collaborated with the DOT OIG to create a public-facing website which has been referred to as the gold standard for other OIG applications.

Making the Move to Drupal 9

The fundamental technologies driving Drupal have not changed. It still runs on the PHP programming language, uses a MySQL database, and is Open Source. But a big advance comes with Drupal 9 in the form of the way it renders HTML.

Team working together on website to support sales efforts

Your website is the face of your organization. A robust website meets revenue growth objectives, secures prospective clients, and, ultimately, supports the sales team. Your website is not just a public-facing entity housing FAQs; rather, it can become one of your most prominent marketing tools. If your team has committed to inbound marketing (attracting potential clients to you) instead of antiquated tactics (cold-calling, direct mail, etc.), you need to understand how to ensure your website supports your sales team.

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