ShieldsUp government program is forcing companies to prioritize cybersecurity
The Bare Minimum: What You Should At Least Be Doing Currently To Reinforce Your Company's Cyber Defenses - As a result of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the U.S. Government has created the “Shields Up” program and call to action, urging all American businesses to review and reinforce their cybersecurity defenses.
The Importance of Cybersecurity - Modernize and Secure your applications with The Canton Group
Rapid advancement in technology as well as outdated and legacy systems are all potential opportunities for cybercriminals. It is more important than ever for organizations to invest in secure, scalable, and relevant software. When an organization commits to flexibility and standardized updating policies for technological systems, organizations and individuals achieve better outcomes when integrating data from various sources. This practice allows for timely upgrades or security patches, increases the number of smooth deployments, and establishes an overall website design structure that makes sense from both usability and accessibility perspectives.
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