Let automation and digital bots take the worry out of holiday time off this winter break

As we inch closer to the end of the year, employees will be taking their much-deserved paid time off. Worried that business may slow down too much? Automation can help your organization keep the lights on with digital bots completing the mundane or repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on process improvement, documentation, or other “back burner” projects. One major benefit of automation is the assistance in running, growing, and transforming your business in a balanced way.  Balancing these enables your organization to focus more on growth and transformation while allowing bots to “run things” in the background.

The essential automation glossary: 20+ terms you need to know.
Looking for more information about automation? Here is a collection of industry terms and key words associated with all things automation. We have included some real-world examples of these terms and hope this serves as a helpful reference tool when determining how to best leverage automation to meet business goals and objectives.
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