Maintaining scalability and reliability of a robust, content-heavy website while ensuring optimum security is critical for large-scale organizations.

The right Content Management System (CMS) is the secret to utilizing the power of hosting, storage, security, and scalability while facilitating a seamless user experience. Acclaimed for leading digital transformation across industries, Drupal is an open-source CMS adopted by leading organizations across sectors famed for valuing security, including government, education, financial, and healthcare, and is recognized as the world’s strongest enterprise-class CMS.

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Continuous Support & Development

Gain support from over 1M developers, designers and editors, providing daily maintenance, open exchange of ideas and iterative processes, and ongoing improvements.

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Improved Performance & Scalability

Ensure a seamless user experience through Drupal’s data storage and state-of-the-art caching, facilitating content growth, enhanced search functionality and consistency.

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Ensured Security & User Privacy

Utilize the protection of Drupal’s rigid security protocols and stable source code closely monitored by its dedicated, industry-leading security team and its sizable community worldwide.

Choosing the right CMS is critical for organizations that need reliability and scalability without compromising security or user engagement. With a commitment to remaining at the forefront of rapid changes in technology, The Canton Group adheres to Drupal best practices to ensure its partners maintain the highest levels of security, consistent user experience and flexibility to scale across all platforms to meet the needs of their customers and accomplish their mission.

Drupal In Action

Over the past decade, The Canton Group has enabled the mission of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Office of Inspector General (OIG) to conduct audits and investigations on behalf of the American public to improve the performance and integrity of the DOT’s programs. The Canton Group provides an exceptional level of service to the DOT OIG in the support and maintenance of its Drupal website, with intimate knowledge of the organization’s systems, technology, and policies for the growth and impact of the DOT OIG.

The DOT OIG is required to keep, a publicly accessible, searchable website containing the latest public reports from Federal Inspectors General, up to date with reports and recommendations. Previously, the DOT OIG Drupal Administrators would manually enter the data. The Canton Group team developed the Report and Recommendation exporters within the Drupal application for DOT OIG Application Admins to extract either report or recommendation data captured within the CMS to a CSV file. The export files map directly to the and bulk import data requirements.

The Canton Group’s longstanding partnership with the DOT OIG combined with the team’s mastery of the technical disciplines necessary to support this effort, among others, resulted in the Drupal exporters saving DOT OIG personnel significant time, reducing possible data entry errors associated with manual entry, ultimately alleviating the staff to focus on value-driven tasks to accomplish the DOT OIG mission.