About The Client

Tissue Banks International (TBI) is a non-profit, non-governmental network of eye and tissue banks and the largest provider of ocular tissue in the world.  TBI started as a single eye bank in 1962, and has grown to a network that covers the United States and reaches around the globe. Each year, more than 130,000 TBI tissues are used in transplant surgery, with thousands more utilized in research and medical education.

TBI is a recognized innovator in the field of eye and tissue banking and has led advancements in recovery, processing, and distribution of allograft tissue. Their mission is to improve lives through tissue transplantation and innovation. TBI serves as a bridge between the generous gift of donated tissue and its final recipient. Their community-based eye and tissue banks promote the importance of donation in their regions and encourage their constituents to make the decision to donate. There are 8 TBI locations throughout the United States.